Saturday Vigil: 4:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am


Pastoral Council:
President - Paul Reveal
Vice President - Michael Pagano
Secretary - Mary Ann Conway
Members: Pat Van Slyck, Brenda Rowley, Nancy Chrinian

Finance Council: Addie Breitenstein, Jim Nichols, Pat Van Slyck and Lewis DeFilippo.

Growing In Faith Together--Intergenerational, Lifelong Faith Formation: Laura Countryman, Colleen Lowry, Janet Korwan and Noel Lubey.

Prayer and Worship Committee: Mary Ann Conway, Pat Van Slyck, Carol Wilber and Laura Countryman.

Church Committee: Margie Raymo, Mary Ann Conway, Ellen Snowdon, Paul Reveal, Gaye Smith, Janet Korwan.

Ministry Coordinators
Eucharistic Ministers - Carole Hoffmann (518) 875-6575
Greeters - Mary Ann Conway (518) 895-2797
Lectors - Josephine Errichetto
Counters - Kris Zedaker (518) 864-7491

Addie Breitenstein
Jeannette Coppolo