Saturday Vigil: 5:15 pm
Sunday: 7:30 am and 10:15 am

Welcome to our parish!

2020 Census FormWelcome to our Parish! We have joyfully re-opened our churches to public Masses and are resuming our prior schedule. Father Anthony, Father Zach and Father Mackey are thrilled to be celebrating Mass with all of you again. Daily Mass at St Michael's at 12:10pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; Vigil Mass Saturday at 5:15pm and Sunday Masses at 7:30am and 10:15am. Daily Mass at St Jude's at 8:00am M-F; Vigil Mass Saturday at 4:00pm and Sunday Masses at 9:00am and 11:30am. Two weekend Masses will be Live Streamed, the 4:00pm Vigil Mass at St Jude's, and the 10:15am Sunday Mass at St. Michael's.  Beginning Sunday August 2, 2020 St. Jude the Apostle will add the 9:00am Mass to the live streaming schedule. All daily Masses at both parishes will be Live Streamed.  

We have implemented the protocols and safety precautions necessary to keep all of us safe from spreading the Covid-19 virus. Please read the full text of Father Anthony's letter below.

"Thank you for your continuing support of St. Michael the Archangel Church.  We are very grateful for your commitment to our shared Catholic faith and Christian ministries.  You can mail your weekly donation to the Parish office, or donate online using our secure giving site or download the electronic giving form and mail to the Parish office.  Yours in Christ, Father Anthony Ligato and Father Zach Chichester"

We the parish family of St. Michael’s, are a welcoming community of Catholic Christians. We seek to deepen our relationship with Jesus and serve others through diverse ministries.

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How To Get Here

Masses are now open again for public worship.

Praise God, the Bishop is permitting all parishes in the diocese to open, pursuant to the NYS Executive Order allowing houses of worship to open, at 25% capacity and abiding by a set of safety rules. Father Zach, Father Mackey and I are absolutely thrilled that we can once again worship together. We cannot wait to see you! The parishes of St Jude the Apostle and St Michael the Archangel will open for daily Masses this Monday, June 8. Masses at St Jude the Apostle are 8:00am Monday through Friday, and at St. Michael the Archangel, 12:10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (We will add back the Thursday 12:10pm Mass at St Michael’s on June 18).

Both parishes will open for Vigil and Sunday Masses, June 13th and 14th, on the beautiful feast of Corpus Christi, the real presence of the Holy Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, celebrated in the Eucharist at each Mass. Here are the weekend Mass schedules going forward, from the weekend of June 13TH and 14th.

Saturday Evening Vigil Mass Schedule:

  • St. Jude 4:00 Vigil Saturdays simultaneous Masses Church and the School Gym
  • St. Michael 5:15pm Saturday Vigil Mass

Sunday Morning Mass Schedule:

  • St. Michael 7:30am Mass
  • St. Jude 9:00am simultaneous Masses Church and the School Gym
  • St. Michael 10:15am Mass
  • St. Jude 11:30am simultaneous Masses Church and the School Gym

We will continue live streaming weekend Masses, at 4:00pm on Saturday at St Jude the Apostle, and at 10:15am on Sunday at St Michael the Archangel. We will also continue to live stream Masses at all our weekday Masses, both churches. (Note that daily 12:10 Mass at St Michael’s will move to the main church). The Sunday obligation remains suspended, as many people, particularly those who are vulnerable, will not wish to attend public worship at this time. Live streaming will continue going forward, even when life returns to “normal”, as this provides a very valuable service to the homebound and ways to reach so many more people every day of the week. We have purchased the necessary video equipment and software services to provide highest quality live streaming at both churches to Facebook and YouTube. We would very much appreciate any contributions to help fund the purchase of these systems. Thank you!

Here are the safety rules we must follow to keep all of us safe. At 25% capacity, we can seat 150 people in St Jude’s by overflowing into the gym, and we can seat 150 people in St. Michael’s by opening up the community room.
The safety rules require that worshippers are seated 6 feet from each other, though we will work to allow families to sit together. Here is the list of other requirements:

  • The entrances to church will be limited to certain doorways to enter and leave
  • You will be greeted by a volunteer and asked if you are well
  • There will be hand sanitizers available for your use
  • You must be wearing a mask, exceptions for children under 2, and you will remove the mask to receive communion
  • You may need to complete a form with your name and contact information
  • This is for contact tracing, and we may not actually be required to do this, but be prepared, as it is a possibility
  • Collection baskets will be placed at the entry to the church
  • You will be given a sheet with the readings and music, which you cannot leave behind, we need you to take it with you when you leave
  • Communion will be directed row by row, the ushers guiding the process
  • Communion distributed into your hand will be conducted first
  • Communion placed on the tongue will be conducted last
  • Eucharistic minister will sanitize hands between each person receiving on the tongue
  • There can be no choir, and only the cantors will sing during the Masses.
  • Bathrooms will be open but due to sanitation requirements we ask they not be used except in emergency
  • Frequent touch areas, pews and rows will be sanitized between the Masses
  • Parish bulletins will be available and printed, and people can pick these up from various places as they leave church.

These requirements are needed to keep all of us safe, to prevent a resurgence and spread of this Covid-19 virus We ask for you prayerful patience and cooperation, as we implement these rules and worship together again, receive Holy Communion again, next weekend, on the beautiful and so very appropriate feast of Corpus Christi. You can see that we need many volunteers to help with implementing these new requirements, particularly in executing all the usher duties, greeters, and helpers to sanitize between Masses. Please call or email me, Deacon Bob or Deacon Warren to let us know if you can help. We really do need your help to make sure we meet the requirements so that we can open, and stay open, worshipping together again. Thank you!

Yours in Christ,

Father Anthony