Sunday: 9:00 am

Message from Sister Mary Lou Liptak, RSM, Parish Life Director Emeritus

Welcome to our Parish

Welcome to the Roman Catholic communities of St. Lucy/St. Bernadette located in Altamont, New York.  

We live in a world of technology.  If you are viewing our website, you are already entrenched in it, and are accustomed to having the world at your fingertips at a click of a mouse.  We hope that somehow your click will convey that behind this website we are however, a warm welcoming, living, breathing faith community who strives to follow Jesus and his message of peace and justice in our world today.

We also invite you to share in our liturgical celebrations as we learn our faith together and attempt to put it into practice in our ordinary lives.  You will be welcomed as a fellow seeker within a friendly atmosphere of equals and encouraged to join in the many activities to help serve our world and one another.

We hope that you visit often, to keep up to date, and that in some way, you can share in our good work on behalf of all our members and of the One we follow, Jesus Christ.


Fr. Rick Lesser

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