Betheny Guild Scholarship
  1. The Scholarship will be awarded to a High School Senior who is a parishioner of Holy Mother & Child Parish and will be continuing his/her education at college or trade school.

  2. Student MUST be an active member of the parish and be involved in parish activities.
    Suggested activities: Altar Server, Assisting with - Grounds Work, Parish Dinners, Coffee Hours, other Church Ministries

  3. The Scholarship Award will be based on the following:
    1. Financial need
    2. Family Hardship
      • Single parent
      • Handicapped / disabled parent or guardian
      • Other siblings attending college

  4. Application for all must be completed in full, accompanied by a cover letter. Applications not signed and completed will not be considered by the scholarship committee.

  5. The scholarship will be sent to the recipient when verification of completion of the first semester of study and verification of their second semester enrollment / registration has been received by the committee.

The application window closes on June 30 of the year of high school graduation. Stay tuned for the next application window.